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This platform serves as a repository for tools, knowledge and guidance to equip change makers for the transformation of their economies. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the platform supports the development of evidence-based policies and laws that can help unleash the potential of firms and drive innovation and growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ecosystem Products


The Toolkit is designed for forward-thinking policy innovators who want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems and support their governments with policy reform through deliberation and cutting-edge evidence.


The Benchmark report identifies 22 African SBAs and Startup Acts, benchmarks them and identifies 15 other instruments for comparison. Find out what the highlights are and learn from our recommendations.


The Library is a repository of information containing the original texts of ratified Startup Acts and Small Business Acts on the African continent. Browse through the documents and discover what kind of incentives entrepreneurs can receive in each country.


The Learn platform hosts online courses designed for policy actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to equip them with valuable skills, knowledge and resources to help them better shape policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Policy Taskforce

The Pan-African Policy Taskforce is a participant-led platform co-led by Smart Africa Alliance, i4Policy and The Tony Blair Institute. The Taskforce was created from a collective need voiced by the African startup ecosystem to cultivate connections, enable the flow of information, and provide a venue where specific expertise, learnings and best practice can be shared.

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